The day is here

The day is here. If I don't have a word on this, I will hate myself in all my life.

This great day, which haunting those demons everyday, seams never ever exists. It's so quiet at the twentieth anniversary that someone may ask "did that really happen?"

Until the Live Spaces becoming dead spaces which remind us those demons are trembling with fear reveals the evidence. Which also reminds some guys that we actually live in some walled place you can call it, yes, a prison.

We are all prisoners of the state, same as Mr. Zhao Ziyang. Some people know that and most don't yet. They seam have never known there is a wall out there even in the Internet Age. They seam lead a happy life, until one day they also utter "fuck the wall" when they are blocked in their "beautiful garden".

I don't know how to answer my seventies-year-old parents when they ask "why we can't open the website to see my grandson's pictures" in the near days. I wrote some text and uploaded some photos of my months-old baby to share them with his grandpa and grandma live thousands miles away. I set up the site on the Live Spaces simply because I believed this self-censored service in China will unlikely be blocked from my old parents. That's not the case anymore.

All the things they did in the past twenty years show these guys in power hate Gorbachev. They seam like Ceausescu so much. One day the Chinese people maybe have to respect their will.

I have never lose my optimism even at these darkest and silentest days. One day we Chinese people will be not just like Mr. Andy Dufresne breaking the Shawshank prison, we'll tear down the whole ugly wall like Germans tore down their Berlin Wall, and finally get our freedom. We'll sing as Martin Luther King wished: "Free at last! free at last! thank God Almighty, we are free at last!"

I believe the great day twenty years ago was a really inspiring start.

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